Ocrsub Extractor is the easiest way to rip your dvd media in Mac OS X 10.7+


  • Save audio stream (AC3 / DTS)
  • Save video stream
  • Save subtitle in "SRT” style
  • Let you select multiple streams to extract in one go.
  • Fast OCR algorithm!
  • Gives you the option to correct the OCR "on te fly”
  • Limited multi angle support
  • Limited "Seamless Branching” support

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.7+ / 64bit CPU





Version 1.7

Current and last version.

Fixes a bug in the input screen ( bug with confirming characters )


Version 1.6

Supports libdvdcss 1.3.0

Percent option removed it’s now always 99%

** Turns out due to a bug in 1.6 this is not the last version ;)


Version 1.5 

Language selection fixed in audio and subtitle.

Better OCR

Little bug fixed in audio and video stream.

Read some more “difficult” dvd structure.

Progress layout adjusted.

Little bug fixed in subtitle times.


Version 1.4

Free dvd always after reading. (sometimes dvd did not eject)

Second progress bar fixed it now shows total ocr to go

A fix for some protected dvd "never ends reading”

Fix duplicate entries

Some layout adjustments

Some minor bug fixes


Version 1.3 (May 2014)

Better line detection

Better OCR

Bug fix

New file selection screen

Improved dvd reading

Limited Multi Angle support

Limited ”Seamless Branching” support

Save Video stream

Save Audio stream (AC3 / DTS)


Version 1.2 (Aug 2013)

First version on the app store